Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Grandson's Birthday

October 20, 2008 was the 30th birthday of my Grandson Paul, the son of "His Child".
He is the only grandson that we have. Needless to say that we are very proud of him.
Paul is very talented in the remodeling area of a house, also very precise at it, everything has to be as near perfect as he can get it. This seems to run in our family somewhat, going back to his great grandfather, which Paul probably doesn't know this. Paul is also knowledgable in electronic equiptment. We depend on him to do lots of things with our TV and sound system. (By the way he has been pushing buttons since he was a baby.)

Paul is Married to Christina, and they have two beautiful children Madeline 3 years old and Slade 2 years old. Their Grandfather and I wouldn't take a million dollars a peice for them.
Friday night we will get together with all the family and go to where ever Paul wants to go eat and celebrate his birthday.

Love to my Grandson

Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Birthday to "His Child"

Dear "His Child",

Many years ago today I was giving birth to "His Child",, truly she was His child.
You see, the Doctors had told me that there probably would never be any children
for my husband and me. So when "His Child" was born, I truly knew whe was "His child, not meaning that she was of a virgin birth or anything but the daughter two mortals that truly
wanted and loved her. She happened to be most beautiful, blue eyed honey blonde baby girl
that I had ever laid eyes on.(Mother's eyes of course).

Tomorrow we will celebrate a cookout with her and her family and give her gifts. We hope they are gifts that she enjoys.

I would like to tell the world that "His Child" was a wonderful child, a wonderful young girl that never gave us any problems, a truly spiritual young lady, wife and mother who raised her family to be His children as well.

Now the clock has changed into the midday mode and she has entered a new season of her life,
Which I know contains more wisdom than ever and she is still guiding her family with it and sharing it with her parents as well.

So this day so many years ago God gave us a blessing by sharing "His Child" with us,
and we thank Him so very much.
Love to my child "His Child" and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Back Home from Georgia

Our reunion of the the McDuffie and Johnson Family cousins is over.
We are the lofty branches of the McDuffie and Slade family (VeneitaRatcliff) the lofty branch of the McDuffie and Williams Family( Beanie and James) and Beanies husband Larry French, and James Wife, Dianne Eubanks Williams.
The Lofty Branch of the McDuffie and Walker Family, (Jesse Neil, and Ann) Neil's wife Paula, Ann's husband Bob Hancock. Also attending the reunion from Louisiana wasVeneita's daughter and Son-in-law, Paula Ratcliff Bennett and Jay Bennett, also branches from the younger generation.

We had a very enjoyable time while visiting our Walker cousins. We dropped in to visit cousin Sandra and her Husband Scott Callen for a brief time. My Uncle Jesse Walker was visiting her so we got to visit with him as well. It was good to see him it had been 23 years since I had seen him.

That night we had a great barbecue, Ann had the most delicious ribs that she had prepared.
She had invited even younger branches of the tree over for dinner. Those were younger branches of the Walker family, being the daughter of Jesse Neil. They were Tracy and Wm. Michael Lowery, their even younger branches of the tree: Blake, a true vibrant red head like his grandfather when he was young, Jacob, a blonde, and little Caleb, with brown hair.

Saturday we went to "The Cotton Picking Fair" in Gay, Georgia had a real good time. I didn't buy anything. Saturday night we went out and had a fish dinner. we got up early Sunday morning and
loaded up the car and had a very long trip back to Shreveport, a very good 10 hour trip.I had a wonderful time, but glad to be home.